MBEC's professionals have extensive experience with the electrical engineering, design,  construction support and  project management services  required for high rise buildings and industrial facilities, such as complex building project including multi-level underground parking + over 40 floors  high rise commercial + office + hotel and  residential towers,  over 29 floor residential building projects, luxury hotel  projects, large low rise commercial mall projects, and Industrial factory, Workshop and production line  projects.

Preliminary Design

•    Technical Specifications
•     Load Calculations and Analysis
•     Short Circuit Current Calculations
•     Main Power Supply and Distribution System
      Sizing and Configurations
•     Emergency Power Supply and Distribution 
      System Sizing and Configurations
•     Major Electrical Equipment Sizing
•     Major Electrical Equipment Arrangements 
•     Major Wireway Arrangements 
•     Fire Alarm and Firefighting Systems     
•     Grids and Lightning Protection Systems
•     Deliverables for Regulatory Approvals 

Construction Design

  • •     Single Line Diagrams, Main Power Supply
          and Distribution and Sub Station Systems
    •     Single Line Diagrams, Emergency Power
  •       Supply and Distribution Systems
    •     Power Wiring Diagrams
    •     On Site Technical Support and Inspection
    •     Main and Emergency Lighting Calculations
    •     Main and Emergency Lighting Arrangements 
    •     Receptacle Arrangements
    •     Wireway Sizing and Layouts
    •     Electrical Equipment Sizing and Arrangements
    •     Power Factor Calculations and Compensations
    •     Voltage Drop Calculation
    •     Fire Alarm and Firefighting Systems and
    •     Deliverables for Regulatory Approvals 

System Analysis

  • •      Electrical Load Analysis 
    •      Short Circuit Current Calculation
    •      Harmonic Analysis
    •      Protection Device Coordination Studies
    •      Arc Flash Analysis